PAK LIGHTING was founded in 2015 in Paris, France.  Since then, it has expanded internationally through its American headquarters in Miami, USA and its headquarters in Paris, France.


PAK LIGHTING not only distributes many of the biggest names in the lighting industry, but also works with its customers to design their lighting spaces and sells a wide range of class, durable and high-performance LED solutions for commercial, institutional and urban environments. Our company also stands out for its consultative approach to its clients. Indeed, 


PAK LIGHTING goes beyond orders and supports its customers in the selection process 

appropriate products. PAK LIGHTING's technical know-how in the various lighting sectors has enabled the company to innovate and offer sustainable solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting.


We support our customers from the beginning to fin, from planification, from the selection to the installation of their lighting fixtures, our experienced team provides them with a wide range of products afin to enable them to make informed choices. The products distributed by PAK LIGHTING embody a design philosophy that takes into account the needs of lighting specifiers as well as those of the end user. We exclusively distributed lighting solutions from some of our American manufacturers in France, we also offer a wide range of lighting products from various European manufacturers in order to be able to meet all your lighting project needs. 


Whether you are looking for a partner for a new or renovation project, PAK LIGHTING is at your disposal to carry out your technical and financial studies. 

Founded in 


Founder et director general



France Office

1 Centre Commercial La Tour




US office

170 SE 14 St, Ste 1002

 Miami, FL 33131